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Barlow - Dangerous Decisions: Y2K, 1999

"This collage painting reflects the state of affairs we find ourselves in at the onset of a new century: the chaos of world affairs, disbelief in our cultural and political leaders and the uncertainty of tomorrow."


Paul Chidester - Station's Remains, 1998

"During the last 15 years, I have produced a body of work that tries to raise questions about the representation of nature from a variety of institutional points of view. The series began with an allegorical prairie grass museum housed in an abandoned 19th century fire station on the west side of Chicago."


Brian Dettmer - New International Dictionary, 2003

"This piece is an original 1947 Unabridged Dictionary that I have altered. I sealed the edges, then carved into both the front and the back to allow the small images to emerge. Every exposed image remains in its exact previous location."


Susan Hall - Gift, 2003

"My oil paintings are done on Stonehenge printmaking paper. Before I begin painting, I prime the paper with either acrylic gel medium or gesso. Because the gel medium is thick, it can create a textural surface, especially when I apply it with my hands rather than a brush. After adding multiple layers of paint to the paper, I typically remove paint in certain areas by using chemical strippers or a sander. The result effect can connote the passage of time."


Shona Macdonald - Invisible Isles #2, 2001

"This piece is based on the Italo Calvino short story, Invisible Isles. Imaginary islands and other rocky landforms are brought to the surface by lobs, drops and spills of paint. The stacked composition builds the landmass as individual isles clustered together."


Mr. Imagination* - Standing Tall, 2002

"The legs are made from a real tree. What is so special about this piece is that it was made here in the backyard of my new home in Pennsylvania."


Natasha Spencer - Constellation #1, 2002

"The tactile qualities of various types of synthetic hair become the catalyst for an exploration of line, shape, texture and form."


Charlie Thorne - Chicago Tribune Building (in a lipstick tube), 2002

"This Gothic beauty from 1925 was a challenge to model. I melded the octagon crown into the square building by alternating flat spans of windows on the sides of the building with bay windows at the corners."


* deceased

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