The Chicago Art Scene

Sample Works


Heather Becker - Grace, 1997

"I am investigating the figure and its power to communicate psychological states of modernity. A spontaneous and simplistic image is developed using movement, tension and emotion."


Rimas Ciurlionis - Red Circle, 1996

"In my art, I consciously try to concentrate the mind and emotion -- in form, texture, color and line, which together form a symbol that can touch the mystery of existence."


Ascha Kells Drake - Suspension, 1997

"By minimizing artistic means to only a few elements,
I attempt to slow down the viewer's perception and thought."


Jason Fairchild - Destroying the Temple, 1996

"My paintings are free-form theatre. They are about elegance and obsession with intensity, and are narrative expressions of our unsettled, spectacular, contemporary culture."


Michle Maria Mitchell, Moving Toward the Light, 1993

"Unspoken words of passionate voice within me seek the medium to articulate life, seeing and its possibilities."


Richard Napier - Sidewalk Sale (Chicago Ave.), 1997

" In my recent work I have been exploring light as it manifests itself in the urban landscape. My choice of subject matter is also partly based on sentiment. Chicago is home to me and I feel there is much beauty in the neighborhood character. My work is created in the light of the late afternoon. Seeing in terms of light and dark imposes order. It is what makes a certain place 'that place at that time'."

Vera Scekic - Chromosomes & Sea, 1997

"My work stems from my fascination with science. This fascination lies with biological and astronomical phenomena that depend on technology such as microscopes, telescopes and scanning devices, for resolution. These mediated images ask us to rethink our conceptions of self, scale, and context."



Lee Tracy - Rush, 1997

"Responding to the simplicity and complexity of everyday life, objects become shapes with just enough detail to be recognizable and are chosen for their specific meaning. While continuing to paint on canvas, I have been working in mixed media, collage of textured fabrics and dress patterns."

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