A Bloodline of Kings


Bernard Cornwell, author of the Richard Sharpe's series, Stonehenge, The Archer's Tale and other novels

"...I read A Bloodline of Kings and hugely enjoyed it. It's a great story - I can't think of anyone writing on that scale nowadays and it's so well done - a great saga! Anyone who likes historical novels must enjoy A Bloodline of Kings and anyone who likes good writing will love it."

Cecelia Holland, author of Great Maria and Until the Sun Falls

"...I am awed by the research and delighted by the literate and intelligent writing."

Dr. Elias Kapetanopoulos, History Professor, Central Connecticut State University

"...a worthy novel that can even be used in class for covering the period, events and protagonists. A Bloodline of Kings is packed with usable information and illuminates the period well... It brings to life Philip's times."

Helen Angelopoulos, Greek Press Newspaper / March 31, 2002

"An exciting and enjoyable reading experience that combines an interesting story with historical events. A "must" for every Greek-American library"

Diane Lymberopoulos-Adam, Greek Star / April 18, 2002

"A Bloodline of Kings is a must read of epic proportions. This well-researched book provides an insightful look at the legendary rise of Philippos of the Makedones and his conquest to secure this kingdom."

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