Art features artwork showing in public places. Check out the featured painter, John Kurtz' and the featured printmaker, Bert Menco's work there. features searchable database of theatres, galleries, shows and performances. See the full March 1999 review of The Chicago Art Scene and the 2-part October 2000 review of Art Scene, Chicago 2000. is the site for Chicago Artists' Coalition. is the site for Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. Founder and Director is Deborah Maris Lader. See her work there. Various artists, such as Nancy Plotkin, Bert Menco, Jacqueline Moses, have exhibited there. See Maureen Warren's and Tom Robinson's work there. See artists' work on sale. See Takeshi Yamada's work there. is the site for the School of Representational Art, an atelier program. See Surdo Bruno's work there. issued e-zines. See Walter Fydryck's, Kathleen King's and Annette Turow's work there.

Historical Novels is the site of the historical novelist, Bernard Cornwell. See his recommendation of A Bloodline of Kings there. reviews historical novels.

War Game is the site of the 'Against the Odds' magazine developed by Criag Grando. Thomas Sundell's game 'Hegemon' is in the premier issue.

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