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Visions of Life

An anthology of short stories inspired by art. The stories were judged by Tony Ardizzone, award-winning author of The Whale Chaser and The Evening News.

Dress Up by Ann Kammerer is about the friendship between a cross-dresser and a prostitute.

The story is inspired by Cross-dressing Daft Resister Who Chanted Hare Krishna for 7 Years, pastel on paper, by Eric Semelroth.

Family Portrait by Joanne Freeman brings out old family grudges when a dutiful daughter returns home to visit her Italian mother.

The story is inspired by Girl with a Violin, oil on canvas, by Mary Barnes Gingrich.

Just Float by PJ Minton is about a father's attempts to mend his relationship with his estranged daughter. 

The story is inspired by Just Float, oil on canvas, by Irene Ryan Maloney.

Sharing Daniel by Douglas Macdonald touches on the irony of a woman whose boyfriend cheated on her while she made plans to move away.

The story is inspired by Heiress, oil on linen, by Gay Griffin Riseborough.

Transform by Colby Vargas deals with a couple building up their bodies while their marriage breaks down.

The story is inspired by Saviour Savings, oil, 23k gold leaf on canvas, by Renee McGinnis.

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