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Visions of Life 2

An anthology of short stories inspired by art. The stories were judged by Vu Tran, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Creative Reading at the University of Chicago, and the award-winning author of Dragonfish.

At the end of each short story is a brief conversation with the author about the inspiration for the story. Also, included in the back of the book is a list of the featured artists and their comments about the artwork. Additionally, there are discussion questions for each story for readers to ponder its implications.


Quiet Invasions by Elizabeth DeSchryver is about a grandmother's encounter in a Jewish cemetery when she was a young girl during World War II. She has kept the incident a secret from her children and grandchildren so far. Will she reveal her secret?

The story is inspired by Throes of Progress: Quiet Invasions, phototransfer and oil, by Jacqueline Moses.


My Turn by Linda S. Buyer deals with a wife who finds out at her husband's 90th birthday that he fathered a son before their marriage, and all her friends knew about it.  

The story is inspired by Garlic, oil on canvas, by James Michael Ostlund.


Print Services by Ann Kammerer is about an alcoholic's denial despite being fired, his girlfriend leaving him and his landlord evicting him. Will his new job give him a second chance?

The story is inspired by Moving Toward the Light, oil on canvas, by Michele Maria Mitchell.


The Age of Reason by Barbara Joyce follows a Catholic school child's experiences of faith from her first Communion to her later questioning the patriarchal policies in Catholicism as an adult.

The story is inspired by Muslim Madonna, pastel on paper, by Eric Semelroth.


A Pact, So We Can Fly by Colby Vargas is written from three points of view: a roller coaster attendant, the most timid of four friends who make a pact to jump off the coaster together, and the father of the pact leader. 

The story is inspired by Tomorrowland, alkyd on linen, by Mary Henderson.


Disappearing Act by Elizabeth DeSchryver is about a young woman on the eve of her wedding. She is from a Catholic family and she hasn't told her mother that she is pregnant. After taking a DNA test, she finds out that she's part Jewish, upending her self image.

The story is inspired by Sparkle, oil on panel, by Katherine Grossfeld; Study of a Winged Figure, oil on canvas, by John Rush; and Gift, oil on panel, by Susan Hall.


Elvis Has Left the Building by James Flanigan is a humorous story about an aging busker trying to find a new career.

The story is inspired by Imitation a la King, pastel on paper, by Eric Semelroth.


Superman by Julie Justicz deals with the struggles of a mother after her son attempts suicide, from endlessly replaying the incident to endlessly worrying if it will happen again.

The story is inspired by Superman, oil on canvas, by Sandra Dawson.


The Predicted End of Will by Paco Aramburu's protagonist must confront whether knowing one's destiny is desirable or inhibiting.

The story is inspired by Flora of the Subway, oil on canvas, by Bruno Surdo.


Soft Music by Marie Thourson is about a daughter who visits her mother who has Alzheimer's, and how they find a way to enjoy their time together.

The story is inspired by Mind of Her Own, linocut on woven paper, by Izumi Yoshitani.

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