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Visions of Life 2


Author/Artist Series

Febrary 6, 2021. 4 - The Age of Reason

A conversation with Barbara Joyce, the author of The Age of Reason, a short story inspired by Eric Semelroth's painting, Muslim Madonna.

December 27, 2020. 3 - Print Services

A conversation with Ann Kammerer, the author of Print Services, a short story inspired by Michele Mitchell's painting, Moving Toward the Light.

December 3 , 2020. 2 - My Turn

A conversation with Linda Buyer, the author of My Turn, a short story inspired by James Ostlund's painting, Garlic.

August 12 , 2020. 1 - Quiet Invasions

A conversation with author Elizabeth DeSchryver and artist Jacqueline Moses about Quiet Invasions, a story written by Beth and inspired by Jackie's painting of the same title. This is the first of a series of author-artist showcase.

Book Launch

June 26 , 2020. Off-Campus Writers' Workshop Virtual Book Launch,
6 pm CDT.

Readings with authors Elizabeth DeSchryver, Linda S. Buyer, Ann Kammerer, Barbara Joyce, Colby Vargas, James Flanigan, Julie Justicz, Paco Aramburu, and Marie Thourson, as well as conversations with artists Eric Semelroth and Katherine Grossfeld. Recent artwork of Jacqueline Moses, Susan Hall, John Rush, Sandra Dawson, and Izumi Yoshitani were also shown.

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