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Near North News, August 14, 1999. Review of book by Arnie Matanky.
Daily Southtown, March 11, 1999. Article about book signing at Borders, Orland Park. Geoffrey Bent, Kathleen Newman, Julia Oehmke and Dan Wroblewski were interviewed.
Pioneer Press, March 4, 1999. Lee Barth, Beverly Ellstrand and Jacqueline Moses were featured along with Ivy Sundell.
Chicago Sun Times, February 26, 1999. Article covering an interview with Ivy Sundell by Marcia Gawecki.
Chicago Shimpo, February 26, 1999. Article about Takeshi Yamada and the exhibit.
Pioneer Press, February 25, 1999. Full-page profile of Ivy Sundell by J.J. Hanley.
Korean News, February 18, 1999. Article about Min-Ja Oh Lah and the Belloc Lowndes exhibit. Follow up article of the opening at Belloc Lowndes appeared the following week.
Evanston RoundTable, February 17, 1999. Article by Reshmi Kutty covering interviews with Ivy Sundell, and featured artists: Jean Hirsch and Jill King.
Daily Herald, January 14, 1999. 2-page article covering interviews with editor, Ivy Sundell, and featured artists: David Abed, Lee Barth, Geoffrey Bent, Dale Miller, Ed Paschke, Mark Pelnar and Florette Sokulski.
New City, December 17, 1998. Writeup about the book with comments on the works of featured artists: Erik Koelle, Margaret Ketcham, Sharon DeLaCruz, John Rush and Al Tyler.


Where Chicago, March 1999. Exhibit and book showcased in gallery hot tips.
Where Chicago, February 1999. Exhibit and book showcased in gallery listing.
North Shore Magazine, February 1999. Article covering two featured artists: Mary Gingrich and Gregg Stecker.

Internet, March 1999. Review of book and exhibit., week of March 30, 1999. The work of 8 featured artists: Geoffrey Bent, George Black, Mary Burke, Bob Cosgrove, Jacqueline Moses, Julia Oehmke, Ed Paschke and Duncan Webb were showcased in Newsweek's online magazine.


Chicago Access TV, July and August, 1999. David Moskow's show, Discover Art, covering an interview with Ivy Sundell and the work of all featured artists at the Belloc Lowndes exhibition was shown four times.
WCIU-TV, May 7, 1999. Book and Nina Weiss featured in a special segment of U-View by Abby Polonsky.
WTTW-TV, Week of March 8, 1999. Exhibit dates displayed on Art Beat calendar several times a day with Ivy Sundell as voice over.
WGN-TV, February 19, 1999. Book and exhibit mentioned on Around Town (morning news program).


WGN 720, April 21, 1999. Featured artist, Dan Wroblewski called in to Milton Rosenberg's show about historic art books with guest buyers from Borders and Brent Books & Cards.


Artists of Rogers Park, November/December, 1999. Published front-page article written by Ivy Sundell about the networking of featured artists who have a studio or are residents of Rogers Park.
The Chicago Society of Artists newsletter, The Palette, October 1999. Book mentioned in issue as having been purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. for their library collection.
Chiaravalle Montessori School Communicator, February 1999. Covered Ivy Sundell in the Parents in the News section.
Northwest Cultural Council, April, 1999. Article mentioning the involvement of Council members Lee Barth, Lois Coren, Min-Ja Oh Lah, David McElroy, Mark Pelnar, and Florette Sokulski in the book.
Chicago Artists' Coalition, April 1999. Full page review of book and exhibit by Marcia Gawecki. (this newsletter reaches 3,000)
Chicago Artists' Coalition, March 1999. Exhibit and book listed under ArtNews.
Chicago Artists' Coalition, February 1999. Exhibit and book mentioned in a article entitled 'Is There Art in Chicago?'.

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