A Bloodline of Kings



Greek Press Newspaper / March 31, 2002. Review by Helen Angelopoulos Greek Star / April 18, 2002 issue. Recommended Reading by Diane Lymberopoulos-Adam.
Pioneer Press / June 20, 2002. Full-page article by Bruce Ingram, covering an interview with author, Thomas Sundell. The article appeared in 17 of the Pioneer Press newspapers in the North suburbs of Chicago. These papers have a circulation of 85,857 and an estimated readership of 188,885.
Evanston RoundTable / September 11, 2002. Article by Emily Krone, covering an interview with author and game designer, Thomas Sundell.


Historical Novels Review / May 2002 issue. Review by Sarah Nesbeitt, The quarterly review goes to members of the Historical Novels Society in U.K. and the U.S.


Chicago Public Radio / Eight Forty-Eight 2003. Interview.


Against the Odds / Premier issue, 2002. Full-page color ad on the inside front cover of issue with the author's game, Hegemon.

Web Sites

www.atomagazine.com Official web site for Against the Odds magazine with banner link to the Crow Woods site. www.bernardcornwell.net/index.cfm?page=5 Recommended reading under the official web site of historical novelist Bernard Cornwell.

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