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The 3D images on this pages can be viewed with the 3D glasses that are provided at the back of the book. Make sure you are seeing through the cyan lens with your right eye and the red lens with your left eye.


Curtis Bartone - Vista, 2002

"In this composition, South American Hoatzins, wild and prehistoric in nature, occupy the foreground while a cultivated version of nature -- a walled Italian garden, occupies the background. A common thread in my work is how even what once would be considered the 'natural' world is now controlled by human beings. Wildlife refuges have, in essence, become large gardens."


Geoffrey Bent - Hell, 2002

"Contrary to tradition, hell is viewed here not as a torture chamber but as a luxurious mansion. The dangling feet in the foreground imply a hanged figure. His sneakers and jeans are at variance with the formal surroundings. The oppressive symmetry of the decor seems all the more ominous. Hell is most inescapable when it is a state of mind."


Sean Culver - Landscape with Spinocerebellar Degeneration, 2002

"This work is essentially about my maternal grandfather who died of Parkinson's disease. He hand-built his own home. He formed it outwardly from a boxcar he had hauled from his work as a railroad maintenance worker. The finished house sat on top of a steep hill in a clearing of timber near Galesburg, Illinois.

This work represents the mind as inseparable from home and as the cradle of manufactured things and cultivated environments. Its individual environments represent the relationship between constructed things and the deterioration of both the mind and its resulting creation."


Cynthia Hellyer Heinz - Hot Mama l, The Offering, 2002

"The attitude encouraged by a culture fascinated with youth is confronted by the beauty glistening off the aged countenance. Wrinkles are landmarks of life well-lived and facial hair shimmers in luminous fuzz."


Ann Wiens - Zebra, 2001

"I'm interested in disrupting the viewer's perception by asserting the background against the central subject, and having a deliberate play between the animals' markings and color and those of the background."

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