Art Scene, Chicago 2000


Robert G. Donnelley

Robert G. Donnelley serves as Director for Intuit: the Center for Outsider and Intuitive Art. In addition, he gives presentations on Native American history and is active in various committees. He was the Co-director and then Director of the Terra Museum of American Art, and Trustee of the Terra Foundation for the Arts from 1992 to 1994. During that time, he co-sponsored a partnership program for Art Education of Inner City Youth and a related exhibition titled Reclamation and Transformation: Three Chicago Self-Taught Artists. Before that, he worked with Katherine Kuh to develop and manage the art collection at First Chicago and later was chairman of the Art Committee. Donnelley attended Art History courses at Northwestern, received his MA in Art History from the University of Chicago, and is currently in Doctoral Program in Art History at University of Chicago.

Jennifer Robertson Norback

Jennifer Robertson Norback is Gallery Director at Hart Gallery and former Gallery Director at Lydon Fine Art in Chicago. She arranged the exhibits Stephen McClymont, Mastering Silence, New Paintings from Paris, and Six Artists from Prague in Chicago. She recently juried the exhibit Harvesting the Urban Landscape: Recycling in Art at Christopher Art Gallery, Prairie State College. She was the guest curator at Pi Gallery for their Around the Coyote exhibition in 1998. Before that, Robertson was curator at Galerie Cornette-Pajaran and Assistant Director at Galerie Toft in Paris. She received her MA in Art History from University of Colorado-Boulder and received her BA in Art History and South Asian Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chuck Thurow

Chuck Thurow has been Executive Director of the Hyde Park Art Center since 1998. He served on its Board from 1985 to 1994, including four years as Chair of its Exhibition Committee and three years as Board Chair. He curated a number of shows and chaired various fundraising and special projects. Thurow has been active with Chicago's arts organizations, including being a member for eight years of the City of Chicago's Public Art Commission. He was Deputy Commissioner of the City of Chicago's Department of Planning and Development for 12 years. Thurow holds advanced degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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