Art Scene, Chicago 2000

Reviews / October 2000
by Jurek Polanski

Both [Art Scene, Chicago 2000 and The Chicago Art Scene] are destined to be an essential reference, and among the most enduring pleasures for those who collect or just love fine art...

Chicago Tribune /January 21, 2001
by Donna Seaman, editor for Booklist

Color radiates from this book of paintings, collages and drawings in an almost tropical profusion, a curious phenomenon given that it presents the works of 71 artists living in Chicago...

Chicago Artists' News /July/August 2001
by Amina Cain

No matter how much [the artists featured in Sundell's book] diverge from each other, in their statements and biographies they speak beautifully of their intentions. So many of them make mysterious art...

What is most impressive about the whole project is that its scope is not limited to the anthology, but has also included exhibitions at the Fine Arts Building, and the Chicago Athenaeum museum in Schaumburg; book signings at Border's, Barnes & Noble, and the Printer's Row Book Fair, in which some of the artists have been present to show their work...

What also seems important about Art Scene, Chicago 2000, is its awareness that an art community is not made up of artists alone, and that not all artists are only artists. Many of the artists featured in this book serve multiple roles as artists, educators, and administrators... Sundell [acknowledges] the complicity between artists and their larger communities, opening up the idea of our community itself.

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